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Kims Story

In July 2011 I made the decision to go along to my first “Intensity” Boot Camp after a lot of encouragement from a girlfriend. I was at my heaviest i had ever been weighing 123kg. To say I was scared is an understatement.  From my first step onto the sandpit Julie has always encouraged and motivated me to give it my best. I was never the fastest or the fittest doing the class, but as long as I walked away and had given it everything I was happy.

Just keep chipping away is what Julie always says, this is a change for life.  Over the last 15 months I have lost over 50kg.  My life has taken on a whole new meaning. I have energy to play with my boys, I have a healthy body and mind. Never has it been an easy journey, but one that is so worth it. I have made so many new friends at Intensity, everyone of them encouraging and inspiring me to keep going.  I can never thank Julie enough for what she offers, she has helped me change my life. I would encourage anybody to come along, making that first step is worth it.

Alicia’s Success Story

Since training at Intensity my whole life has changed not just physically but mentally aswell. I am a much more stronger, confident and happier person now.

I am the best Mum i can be now and achieved many goals. Julie is an amazing trainer and she has brought out the best in myself aswell as many others. She pushes you through barriers that you never thought you could reach.

My fitness has increased so dramatically since starting at Intensity and i love seeing everyone around me improve aswell. It is such an encouraging and supportive environment, and im glad i made the first step in doing one of her classes, because i have never looked back.

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Steve’s Success Story

I can’t say enough about the tremendous effect that Julie Hoffmann has had on not just me, but my whole family. Over the last 14 months or so I have watched my wife start winning the battle against depression and weight gain. When no one else would take her on, Julie didn’t hesitate as I know this is what she has always set out to do: help those that need it and want it. My wife has now lost over 35 Kilos and it was the positive changes in her that gave me the drive to make changes for my own health and fitness.

To be honest, when I first started with Hoffy, my intention was to be just a little bit fitter, no need for me to lose weight. “That was just a bad photo” or “The dry cleaner must have shrunk my suit” or even worse, making excuses when my son wanted to play cricket or soccer out the back: it wasn’t that I wasn’t fit enough to keep up, I was just too busy…. sitting on the couch took a lot of effort. Needless to say the first couple of bootcamp sessions nearly killed me. 15 mins into the warm up and I thought my chest was going to explode.
Since starting with Intensity I’ve now lost nearly 20 kilos, I drink less, I play sport with my kids more and I haven’t felt this good in years. For the first time in over six years I am also playing cricket myself –and I get to do it with my son in the same side. How awesome is that!!!! Instead of my doctor telling me we better just run a few test to make sure your blood pressure / cholesterol / diabetes etc isn’t a concern, I’m saying check out these bruises I got while doing Tough Mudder. Which I did, and finished, with my wife.
Our daughter has even been so inspired by the transformation that she has seen in us that she has deferred from a nursing degree to become a personal trainer –all of course with the support and encouragement of one miss Julie Hoffmann.
Yes I was a little apprehensive walking down her driveway the first time –but it was easily one of the best decision both my wife and I ever made. Completing Tough Mudder with the Intensity crew was one of the greatest days of my life and earlier this year I even managed to race –and beat –Puffing Billy in the great train race. For all this, and for a hundred other little victories, I can’t thank Julie enough.
She is my trainer, my mentor and my inspiration.


My journey with Julie and Hoffy’s Intensity

12 months ago I started a journey that changed my life for ever.  I was a very unfit and unhealthy 124kg 42 year old who couldn’t even walk 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath.  If I kept up with this life style I would not have had the chance to watch my grandson Cooper grow up to be an adult. I could not do that to him.   A very special friend (danni) had started exercising at a bootcamp and Inspired me to do what she was doing. So on the 1st of August 2011 I started going to Intensity Health in Emerald.  I can still remember the first day I went to training.  I was so scared when I walked down those steps.  My palms were sweating and my heart racing and I hadn’t even done any exercise yet.
At this stage I had to either fight or flight. Fight the fear of exercise and especially with others or flight and run away there and then. Well thank god I picked fight. I have fought of 62 kilos in 10 months and have loved every bit of the journey. From my first day at Intensity i had the feeling of belonging to something really special I never once have felt different to other team mates.
My trainer Hoffy is my inspiration and mentor and without her I wouldn’t be who i am today. She has taken me and transformed me both physically and mentally. She has believed in me from the start, when I didn’t even believe in myself.  She has taken me from an existence to a life that I can’t wait to wake up for in the mornings.  She has taught me that life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets.  If you get a chance take it and if it changes your life let it.  She taught me that it wasn’t going to be easy but it was going to be worth it and to Just do it.  I learnt that it isnt easy to change how you live.
In fact it took tremendous courage, strength for me to look at my life and see where I had been going wrong and with the help of Hoffy, and all my wonderful team mates at intensity I have been able to switch directions.What Julie does is nothing but amazing  helping lots of people change their lives . Everybody that walks down hoffy’s intensity steps are stepping into the first day of the rest of their lives.
I have lost and found so many things so far on  my amazing journey at Hoffy’s Intensity. I would like to thank Julie for travelling with me on my journey and guiding me.

Cheers Heidi

Tracey’s Testimonial

Something about Hoffy’s own story got me…otherwise I don’t know HOW I would have ever journeyed into the hills to experience one of her sessions, on the recommendation and assurance of a friend who assured me that Julie WOULD understand…and she was totally right!

My weight has ballooned in my 20s and 30s and when I showed up at Intensity, I was at my largest and (visibly) morbidly obese.

I completed my first session, proud of the achievement I had made…and I wanted more! My friends and family were both happy and confused that I would ACTUALLY want to exercise!

Another huge bonus for me, and definitely something that has kept me clocking up the k’s to return is her family friendly focus. The fact that Miss Almost 2 can come along and have a ball whilst being aptly supervised and able to see me train, is an absolute bonus. I can show her that although it is (bloody!) hard, I CAN live a healthier life, thanks to Hoffy. No other trainer I have seen can understand or has been there. Julie has. Julie does. Encouragement without pressure and praise without embarrassment.

With gentle encouragement and varied routines, I am getting there. I feel inspired and want to inspire. Thanks Coach Hoffy – I am getting my life back – and am just chipping away at it, one session at a time… ;)



I am a 58 year young grandmother who a year ago shuffled around the house with no energy. My grandaughter once asked me if I could jump  ‘no’, i said, ‘its easy nan, I will show you how” . My stepdaughter  Nicole was getting fit and fabulous doing bootcamp at Intensity Fitness and asked me to join her “I dont think so” I replied, she  coaxed me to come along and give it a go, I havent looked back since, I love it :)   What an amazing transformation, I am fitter, healthier and happier than ever.  I can now jump, run, and even do burpees. (I did 50 in Hoffy’s Burpee Challenge to raise money for Heartkids).

Julie our amazing trainer is extremely supportive and inspiring ,encouraging me to train to by best capabilities, always striving to improve, if I find myselof slacking, a wink, nod, smile or “ doing great Rosie” inspires me to get back to it.  Julie mixes and  changes the training routines ensuring I exercise every part of my body, thus improving my level of fitness.

Julie has an uncanny knack of knowing individual strengths and weaknesses, which reflects in her training methods.  A few injuries (self inflicted…like falling over in Bourke St. doh) have slowed me down at times and Julie adapted my training to suit these, so I can still train and be part of a great team all the time being mindful of my limitations.

I am so greatful I joined the Intensity Team, a huge thanks to Julie, Nicole, Kellie (my daughter who trains beside me) , my spunky man and all the wonderful people I train with for their support and encouragement, you all have instilled a confidence in me to challenge my boundaries and I have now registerd to participate in Stampede and Tough Mudder…..Bring it on….

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Bec Billman’s Success Story

Nervously one year ago I decided to bite the bullet and go along to Hoffy’s Bootcamp and see what was done there that had turned my friends family around in an extraordinary way.

Needless to say I was nervous of the unknown, but once there I was immediately treated like I was a part of the “Intensity” Team. I had never felt so welcome anywhere.

People there are from many walks of life, gender, size and fitness level. No matter who you are, what your strengths and weakness are you will only benefit from training.

Give it your all and people will encourage and support you every step of the way. Yes the training is hard but that is why Intensity people see the results.

I have never looked back after day one and have loved watching the growth, transformations and most importantly the confidence people gain along the way.