Our Boot Camps and Cardio Boxing sessions are run both inside and outside in the fresh air and we train in any weather except lightening or high fire danger.  Every session is designed to push each individual to the best of THEIR ability, we have really fit people training right along side someone who hasn’t exercised  in years – they both do the same bootcamp and are both challenged.

Each session is varied to ensure that your body doesn’t get complacent doing the same types of things.  Some of the things we do are boxing – both gloves & pads and with shields, kettlebells (which are an amazing workout), body weight exercises, we flip tyres, carry logs, use sandbags, work with pine poles, ropes, stretchers – you name it, we do it.

Most drills are done for an amount of time rather than a quantity of reps, this ensures that nobody feels like the rest of the crew are waiting for them and we think that’s really important – everyone is doing the same thing some are just faster than others.  Everyone works hard, they encourage each other the whole time and no-one is ever left behind.
It’s a fantastic place to train – goals are reached and lives are changed.

We get wet, we get muddy but we definitely get results ;)